All set for India launch – Oneplus One

Unless you have been on an Interstellar Space travel and missed out on the news feeds from tech bloggers, you would have definitely heard that the Oneplus is now coming to India on December 2. Those of you who still haven’t heard of this mobile manufacturer called Oneplus, you better continue your space journey and the laws of singularity will catch up with you sooner or later. So, there had been some confusions regarding the launch of Oneplus One in India. The recent agreement between CyanogenMod and Micromax that grants Micromax the exclusive rights to sell CM based devices in India was the root cause for this last-minute confusion. We Indians have been waiting for the Oneplus since six months or more. When the news of such a roadblock hit us, we were running from twitter to blog posts to get some answer. So here is the final summary.

  1. Oneplus will launch its flagship device, the One, in India on December 2nd as planned in alliance with
  2. Though it will be sold on Amazon, you will still need an invite (India specific) to be able to purchase the One.
  3. India specific invites are being given out on social media and forum for active members, as you read.
  4. The devices that will be launched in India will have CyanogenMod OS 11.
  5. There won’t be any OTA (Over the air) updates from CyanogenMod in the future for Oneplus One.
  6. You will still be able to update the OS, manually. This may require you to root the device.
  7. Rooting Oneplus One would not void your warranty, but any damage to the device due to rooting would not be covered under the warranty.
  8. Oneplus is working on their own ROM based on Android 5.0 Lollipop. It would be available by fag-end of December and Oneplus will help you to load this OS on your Oneplus One.
  9. If you already have an Oneplus, sourced from one of 16 launch nations, you are still covered under warranty from Oneplus and receiving OTA updates is not yet clear.


Team Oneplus is excited to be in India and so are we.


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As far as the pricing is concerned, I am predicting the 16 GB Silk White variant to be priced at Rs 22000 and the 64 GB Sandstone black could be priced at Rs 25000. So it is less than 22 hours to go and I am excited as much as you are! So, hang on!



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