Android 2.1 Froyo [Announced]

The much awaited update for the Google mobile OS Android has been officially announced by Google. The Android 2.2 SDK is now available for download. As quoted by Google, Android 2.2 (Froyo) is a minor platform release including user features, developer features, API changes, and bug fixes. So what can be expect from Froyo?

  • Google claims that Froyo has the fastest mobile browser
  • Froyo is also 5 times faster than Eclair because of the just-in-time compiler (Dalvik JIT)
  • Now your phone can be turned into a mobile hotspot, thanks to Froyo’s support for tethering
  • Froyo supports Flash 10.1 which is an optimized version for mobile devices
  • Its got a better camera interface
  • There are subtle, but impressive changes to the overall UI
  • My favorite: Now you can install apps on SD card and also move apps from phone memory to SD memory
  • The apps can now be updated at a single go
  • The quick search has been enhanced
  • Voice recognition with Froyo is all together a new ball game
  • Plus there are rich API sets for the developer community

Today its close to 18 months since Android was first announced and Google has made its point, bold and clear, that Android is here to stay. Froyo is another step forward for Android.


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