Android grows 1,580% in Europe alone

It may not be breaking news to tell you that Android is growing manifolds, but what might make you say are the figures and statistics. Market study in western Europe has revealed that Android has grown 1580% in the past year from 470k handsets to 7.9 million handsets. That’s 31% of western European market share. While the mobile market itself has grown just 3.2% over the year, smartphones have increased 99.4% while the feature phones have seen a decrease in their popularity accounting for just 24.8% growth. Android devices from HTC, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung along with the iPhone4 from Apple were aggressively marketed. But iOS market share has just grown by 66% as opposed to Android’s 1580%. That’s staggeringly disproportionate. Microsoft doesn’t want to be left behind. Their Windows phone 7 has helped them grow by 18%.

Nokia’s alliance with Microsoft could also mean a danger signal for the iOS market share. Though Nokia has seen a 11% drop in the handset market share in the past 1 year, it’s still on the top. That’s the extent of penetration Nokia has had in the past. Its N8 is doing well and E7 is also expected to take it further up. But it’s the crucial first Windows Phone 7 on Nokia device that could be the game changer. With it Galaxy S as a top seller, Samsung is seen as a direct competitor for iPhone 4, though its the top seller in Europe. The charts below would give you an idea of the Market share in western Europe. But the general trend is that Android is growing and there is nothing to stop it. iPhone is stable, but there are many waiting to grab a piece of its pie.


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