Android overthrows RIM and Apple

Google’s Android gained the Top spot for mobile operating system market share in the US. According to comScore’s report, Android gained 7.7% market share to rise ahead of both Blackberry and Apple. Blackberry experienced a 5.4% drop, but still in second spot. Apple’s share is now 24.7% and is at the third spot. Microsoft has 8% and Palm still has 3.2%. Obviously Windows 7 is not making magic for Microsoft, yet and some old junkies are still stuck with their Palm.

In the handset market Samsung leads the pack with 24.9% market share. LG follows with 20.8% and Motorola with 16.5%. Interestingly Apple has 7% of the pie. These are the trends in US and they cannot be extrapolated to the rest of the world. But anyway the world is going the Google way and Android is here to rule.


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