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Disclaimer: Review has Spoilers that may reveal part of full plot of the movie.

Probably the most twisted story released in Indian movies I have seen. The movie plot has got nothing but twists, u-turns, hairpin bends every 10 minutes. I guess the Burmawala brothers must have been auto drivers in Chennai before getting into the movie business. Only Chennai auto-walas switch the left indicator, hand signal on the right and continue to go straight into a lane where only a cycle can get in.

The movie starts with an introduction to the cast so shall the review. Saif and Akshhaye are step brothers and they are filthy rich and own a family horse racing/breeding business in South Africa. Saif loves Akshaye so much as his brother. But Akshaye has inverse love for his brother. Hot Jism babe Billo rani Bipasha is an upcoming model and Saif’s girl friiend. The semi-firangi wali cute Kat is Saif’s PA and has an eye for him. Saif totally relies on Kat. Akshaye is an alchoholic and one day tells Saif that he would de-alcholize himself if he gets Bips. So Saif sacrifices and fixes up Bips to Akshaye. Now you dont even dare to think that the movie is going to be a romantic-love-sacrifice-to-brother movie.

Akshaye find out that Bips herself is a con artist and they both get into a deal to kill Saif and get away with the 100 Million $ insurance money. They get married and plan push Saif from 20 storey building. Oh! I almost forgot the steamy bedroom scene between Saif and Bips. If you are soft-porn deprived, then this a treat for you. It is then shown that Saif has seen the bigger picture already has Bips in his Hooks already and they in-turn plan to kill Akshaye and plans for the 200 million$ heist. So you are set to believe that Bips will push off Akshaye from the building. Another twisted twist here…

In short, when you think A = B. Its actually C. But when you think C = A, its actually D and finally you are left with an equation so complex yet easy to fit in.

Ok I can just go on and reveal all the remaining twist and the so-called thrills. But I wouldn’t do that. Instead go watch the movie or just download the good quality Pre DVD rips available at all torrent site. So lemme just jump the plot relealing part and to the actual review part.

The director duo has done a fool proof survey on the Hindi movie audience and they know what we want. Sex, Lies, deception, Violence, glamour, speed and twists…name it, its all in the in this movie. Saif and Akshaye have done their role of racers and deceptionists almost perfectly. Bipasha looks hot only in the bedroom scene unlike Katrina who looks gorgeous in almost all shots. But Katrina who has been in bollywood for a while is expected to learn a bit of acting, dialogue delivery and some expressions. She can’t get away with only her looks for a long time and she can’t bank on glamour too. So Ka! its time you stop giving us those blank stares at all situation and go to some good acting school. (Or Sallu bhai can give u some lessons too…)

Ok now comes the juicy part…Sameera Reddy. She is hot and got the body, skin and pout to make any walking / dead man go crazy. (looking forward to see her in Vaaranam Aayiram). She is the assistant of RD. R.D who? R.D Burman? no its Robert Dicosta! Why do Indian Characters living in Foreign locations change their names like call center guys? Well, I am not sure, may be you must ask Anil Kapoor himself. Anil is the Inspector incharge of the crime conspiracy investigations. He does investigating, eats all-fruit diet with disgusting manners, grabs Sameera’s assets to feel her heart beat (for no apparent logic reason) and thats it. This duo is only a catalyst in this fast paced storyline. Jhonny Lever appears in the screen for exactly 5 min and those 5 min he sizzles the screen and makes everyone go crazy with laughter. For title name sake! there is a car race to end the movie.

The movie is good to watch. Fast paced, racy, twisty, twistier, twistiest and in total, like an one night stand, its gives you all the thrill you need out of a high budget bolly flick.

of cactus eyes and hipless features…


Snikitha in Anjaathe

I was sort of impressed by this new girl on screen. You would have seen the movie Anjaathe by now and would have been wondering whoz that girl in the item song “Kathaale Kanaale…”. After quite some research on google, I found out that her name is Snikitha and she is the lead actress in Mishkyn’s next movie Nandalala. Snikitha is from Bombay and I was wondering whether she is the same girl in “Wild Stone” deodorant advertisement. Not sure about that, but she is hot.


Snikitha in Nandalala


The song that hit me…. Kathaale Kanaale…from Anjaathe..


Probably Snikitha in Wild Stone Ad…

Anjathe – Food for talent

Movie Name: Anjathe
Language: Tamil
Starring : Narain, Prasanna, Vijayalakshmi
Director : Mysskin


All reviewers who say, very rarely do we see quality movie in Tamil, are starting to eat their own words. Well, that includes me as well, though I don’t call myself a reviewer (Just viewer). Lately Tamil movies are staring to implore their paths into the catalog of high quality movies.

Frankly I never expected Anjathe to be a good watch. I usually don’t remember Director names or don’t follow movies based on directors. So Mysskin’s Chitiram Pesuthadi didn’t provoke me to go watch Anjaathe. But I was in for a surprise at Satyam Cinemas.

The movie spins around 2 friends and how their decisions turn around their fate. Sathyanathan (Narain) and Krupakaran (Ajmal) are sons of police constables living in a police colony. They remain close friends despite having divergent attitudes. Krupa wants to become a sub inspector and works meticulously to get selected. Aimless Sathya, a street rowdy, is always humiliated by his father (M.S. Bhaskar) because of his irresponsible attitude. He gets into a feud with the local gangsters led by Pandiarajan and Prasanna. Little does he know about their illicit business.

Provoked by this humiliation, Narain decides to go for Police selection and by hook and crook he gets selected but Ajmal is rejected. Ajmal starts hating Narain and blames cheats like him for his failure. The rest of the story races around how Narain adapts to Police job and How Ajmal gets into the hands of the devil and assist Prasanna in rape and kidnap plots. Narain joins a elite team of police officials…(Kaka Kaka style team) and will they smoke out the criminals?

Vijayalakshmi is cute and does justice to her role. Prasanna is really frightening with his sly smiles and dangerous looks. Narain has done his homework in the acting department and aptly fits the role. The kuruvi character is very well portrayed by the cast and the rest of the crew deserves the claps as well.

The directorial touches, the editing, the camera angles, the turn-around of events are all handled excellently. mmhm… any word better than excellent? Can’t find appropriate words. I just loved the way the entire story was handled. I would say Mysskin was the actual hero of the movie. He is a discovery for the film fraternity. Mysskin displays remarkable acumen in placing this crime thriller in a realistic sociol background. The nylon cover wrapped around the the leg of the flower seller who helps Narain, is an lesson to all those budding directors in the chapter “Pay attention to details”.

The music tracks are not that remarkable and so isn’t the choreography. But the music director has done a good job in the re-recording department. The use of silence at many places is apt and keeps hearts racing.

The exact words between me and my friend while walking out of the theatre: Minus the choreography and music, this movie could easily out-perfom “Khaka Khaka”. Just 4 films like this releasing per year is more than enough for Tamil film fans like us.

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