Just when u thought…Its all over…

We have seen convergence taking tremendous leaps and bounds over the past 5-7 years. Before that we would have never imagined camera in a telephonic device. No one would have thought about emailing from a camera or watching movie in an internet tablet. But it has all happened and it is still happening. Just when we thought that the convergence has reached its limits and no more feature can be integrated, down comes the picoprojector from Microvision.

I am on a tour to find strange mobile accessories (like the MVH) and picoprojector could easily top the list. Code-named SHOW, the projector could be integrated with any portable device like Mobiles, Laptops, iPod or PSPs to project images onto screen using laser assisted beams. As the device uses laser, the projected image is always in focus. At 50 inch range, they projected the best quality images and it was good upto 100 inch range. Now you can carry just your mobile to any presentation or just show off your videos to your friends using pico projector. Unofficially I heard from unconfirmed sources that Motorola has already signed up with microvision to integrate pico projectors in their upcoming line of mobile phones. What more do you want? Now you can watch TV, Movies, Images, etc… from your mobile and project them on a bigger screen base.

Pico Projects Friends

Watch the demo video and read more at Gizmodo and GSMarena.

Pico Projector

Hang on; I just got hit by a thunderbolt in my gadget-infected-techpositive-convergenceCorrupted-noGood-brain 2.0. I could buy the gorillapod and with my N95 8GB in its paws, I could project the movies using the Pico-Projector (SHOW) and connect it to the graffiti covered Tin Can mobile speaker and assemble my very own nifty flashy jazzy Home Ambulatory Theatre on Wheels.

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Where’s the mPulp?

In my previous post, I talked about Google’s applications for your mobile. Let me give you an heads up on one other application which I use in my mobile. It the mOrange. This application is a really cool application which can give iPhone a run for its money. It can

  • Aggregate your RSS feeds and add many categories of news feeds direct to your mobile.
  • Configure many chat clients in one platform. (GTalk, Yahoo, MSN, AIM and ICQ are supported)
  • You can PUSH, POP of IMAP any mail account onto this. I have tried POPing my GMail account and it is able to send mails with attachments but am not able to access my inbox.
  • Social networking is possible with all who are using mOrange.
  • You can upload photos and videos onto the internet. (I haven’t yet tried this)

The chat window text is too small and its quite difficult to read. The text size is not customizable and the chat alert tone is a very feeble beep. The software is available in 2 flavours: Free and Paid. The above features can be realised in the free version and the paid version has much more functionality to provide which I haven’t tried yet. Visit mOrange for more details.

Here are a few screenshots