Best Mobiles, Accessories, gadgets to buy – Aug – Sep 2019 recommendations

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Here is a curated list of Best Gadgets to buy. I have categorized the mobiles based on price segments. The rest of the accessories get one recommendation per segment. Here is the list for the month of Aug – Sep 2019. If you have any suggestions to the list, please share them in the comment below. I will update the list. The recommendations have the best buy link to buy the products and if I have already reviewed it, there will be a link to watch my video as well.

If you are looking for Apple products, you won’t find here.

Mobile Recommendations

Best Gaming Mobiles

Best Camera Mobiles

Above Rs 50000

Between Rs 40000 and Rs 50000

Between Rs 30000 and Rs 40000

Between Rs 25000 and Rs 30000

Between Rs 20000 and Rs 25000

Between Rs 15000 and Rs 20000

Between Rs 10000 and Rs 15000

Between Rs 5000 and  Rs 10000

Under  Rs 6000

Mobile Accessory Recommendations

Other Accessory Recommendations

Fitness Band Smart Watch

 TV Recommendations

Smart TV

Non-Smart TV


Budget Segment

Premium Segment

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