Buying a new mobile?

New mobiles with new features, specifications and glamor is being introduced into the market every single day. A few years ago, the shelf life of a handset model was in months, but now its in days. The mobile you buy today, gets outdated tomorrow and to all to the woe, its price also come down drastically. People, youngsters especially, get carried away with this trend and they want to change their “old” mobile and get the ‘latest’ one, which may soon become ‘old’. Personally I was into this vicious cycle of buying and selling mobile until a few years ago. But I stopped abruptly and struck to my mobile (N95 8GB) for over 3 years. Here are a few lessons I learnt over the period of time.

Don’t sell your mobile unless it becomes totally unusable. Don’t sell it just because you want another good-looking mobile or another model with more features. When you go to sell your old mobile, the buyer/dealer will give you a very low price. But for that same price, your handset model with similar age and damage, can never be bought in the second-hand market. But still we give in to the impulsive spending mode and sell it off. The dealer would sell it off for a much higher price. So always try to find a direct buyer. But that’s a very difficult thing to do. It demands a lot of time and patience.

Future proof yourself before buying a mobile, if you are crazy for features. Read a lot of blog, reviews, forums and user comments before making a decision. Choose a mobile whose features are scalable and upgradable. Choose a model that suits you and your lifestyle. Delay your purchase if you anticipate a better model launch. Be satisfied with your purchase and keep introspecting your decision once its made.

Mobiles are no more luxury. Your social status or sex appeal is not going to be rated based on the mobile handset you own. Instead it directly translates to your decision-making ability and street smartness. Spend wisely.

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