Xiaomi Yi Dashcam – Review

What is a Dashcam?

A Dashcam is like an action camera, but it is powered by your car battery. It is mounted on the car with its lens facing outside the car. It is usually mounted on the front and some have it on the rear as well. It records video footage of your car trip and stores it. It is useful to serve as an evidence incase of accident or any untoward incident. It can also be used to record a beautiful drive. There are multiple variants of dashcam with varied form-factor and features. Some record audio and also store GPS co-ordinates along with the video footage.

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Xander Audios launches XA299BT versatile multimedia speakers for Rs 3490

Xander Audios have launched a powerful multimedia speaker set for Rs 3490 in India. The XA299BT has versatile connectivity options. It is also a powerful speaker capable of  delivering 4000W PMPO. It has a 5.25 inch sub-woofer for that powerful bass. The speakers have wooden cabinet for better audio quality. The design looks elegant in picture, but I have not seen or experienced it in person. It is an all-in-one solution with inbuilt FM Radio, USB port and SD card slot.

The XA299BT can be connected to any media device with the 3.5 mm audio jack. It does not have optical fiber connectivity or Bluetooth connectivity, which could have been a killer feature. It comes with a remote control. It is priced at Rs 3490 and will be available across multiple retail points, both offline and online.