Best mobile under Rs 20000 – Nubia Z11 Mini S (Review)

Nubia Z11 Mini S is a successor to Nubia Z11 Mini and it is, in my opinion, the best mobile you can buy for under Rs 20000 in India. The mobile is very handy and has a good design. It has a vibrant display and is powered by snapdragon 625 processor. It has 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and 64 GB of storage. The camera is also phenomenal. The 24 MP rear sensor and the 13 MP front camera can both click awesome images at any light conditions. Check out review to find out more about the Nubia Z11 Mini S.

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Everlast – The notebook that can last for ever!

“When I was in High School, I used to practice my notes by writing them over and again. Filling my notebooks and if only I had stored them till now, the piles would have endless. But what if, notebooks were reusable? Like, just one for every writing purpose we could ever have… From writing notes to making a to-do list. An “All in one ” store.

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Google Pixel launched – Pricing in India and other details

Google Pixel

The first nexus mobile was a developer device. It was a mobile model on which developer test new features of android and develop applications for forth coming android versions. It was a developer centric device until the Nexus S came into picture. Samsung, being the Chengiz Khans or Napoleans of Marketing, they made the nexus name ring a bell in every customer’s mind. Eventually the Nexus 5 became a huge success.┬áBut then Google and their partners, took the game on their own hands and ruined the Nexus concept with Nexus 6, 5x and 6P. Eventually the project ran into a dead end and Google had to scrap it. R.I.P. Nexus.

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Mi Band 2 – Review

Mi Band was the most popular fitness tracker in the world. Following the Mi Band, Mi Band Pulse was introduced by Xiaomi. The Mi Band Pulse never made it to India. But now we have a whole new version of the Mi Band. The Mi Band 2 has been announced in India and it is priced at Rs 1999. The reason for the success of the Mi Band was its value for money, compactness and impressive battery life. Now the Mi Band 2 inherits all of this along with heart rate sensor from Mi Band Pulse and a Display.

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