Mi Air Purifier 2 – Review

Air Purifiers, may be a new line of products. The need for such a product at our home or office is something that depends on a calculated decision. If you are living in an area polluted by smog, pollen or dust particles, then you may need to buy an air purifier. They have been conceptually featured in household appliances like air conditioners, air coolers, etc. Buying an air purifier is trickier than usual, because the effects / effectiveness of an air purifier cannot be visually seen. It cannot be realized in a short span of time. Xiaomi has a solution and it is the Mi Air Purifier.  Continue reading “Mi Air Purifier 2 – Review”

Why do you need that software OTA update?

Software updates over the air are popularly called, OTA have been a point of debate for about a decade now. There are two types of updates that are rolled out to any product: Minor update and Major update. Minor update takes care of bug fixes, hardening of platform, code stabilization, security updates, etc. Major update would include new features, visual language change, user experience change and also some bug fixes. These updates are common for any hardware or software product. But lets us talk about iOS and Android here. Let us also discuss if you will really need an update.

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Xiaomi Mi Max – Review

Xiaomi mobiles are always unique in one way or the other. Xiaomi comes up with new mobiles in segments where there is little or no competition. Whether you really need it or not, that is a different question. But Mi Mobiles have always been an object of interest for its uniqueness and disruptive pricing. Mi Max, as the name suggests is the maximum size for a mobile. It has a large 6.44 inch display and that makes it the largest phablet that can be still be called a mobile and not a tablet.

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Everything you need to know about the Huawei P9

It has been a while since we saw a flagship device from Huawei. After having a successful run with the Nexus 6P last year, Huawei is now back and armed with heavy artillery. Huawei P9 is one of the first mobile from the Huawei stables, that has been developed in partnership with Leica. I have been using the Huawei P9 for a while now and it will soon be officially launched in India. So here is everything you need to know about the Huawei P9, ahead of the launch.

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OnePlus 3 finally launched after truck loads of leak theatrics

I am not sure if the OnePlus 3 would set some sort of record in sales, but it is by far the most leaked mobile till date. OnePlus is a company which makes its bread and butter out of hype. They are experts in creating a vortex of hype around any of their flagship launches. The OnePlus One was a true success story for OnePlus and that device managed to change the face of mobile market in the world. OnePlus 2 was a disaster and the reason could be many. OnePlus desperately needs to stand up and face the market with a successful flagship device. So it managed to pull up all its strength and the result is the OnePlus 3. Now will that pay off to be a success story? That is something we will know soon.

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