Xiaomi Yi Dashcam – Review

What is a Dashcam?

A Dashcam is like an action camera, but it is powered by your car battery. It is mounted on the car with its lens facing outside the car. It is usually mounted on the front and some have it on the rear as well. It records video footage of your car trip and stores it. It is useful to serve as an evidence incase of accident or any untoward incident. It can also be used to record a beautiful drive. There are multiple variants of dashcam with varied form-factor and features. Some record audio and also store GPS co-ordinates along with the video footage.

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My thoughts on OnePlus X

OnePlus X is one of this year’s most surprising launch. While we were expecting OnePlus to launch a mini version of the OnePlus 2, OnePlus threw in the OnePlus X as a googly. OnePlus X is different from the likes of OnePlus 1 or OnePlus 2. It is not a flagship killer. It does not have a killer spec sheet at affordable price, but it has that killer looks. Of course OnePlus 1 and 2 were good-looking devices too, but they were more of war horses. The OnePlus X has a spec sheet identical to the OnePlus One.

OnePlus X Specs

  • Display : 5 inch Full HD AMOLED display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection
  • Processor : 2.3GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with Adreno 330 GPU
  • Storage : 3GB RAM with  16GB internal storage, expandable memory up to 128GB with microSD
  • OS : Android 5.1.1 based Oxygen OS 2.1
  • Rear Camera : 13MP with LED Flash and 1080p video recording
  • Front Camera : 8MP
  • Battery : 2525mAh ( non-removable)

I Like

  • Premium design and premium material used in the construction of this device
  • AMOLED screen offers the best display experience compared to any device in this price range
  • 5 inch is the ideal size for ergonomic handling any mobile
  • Dual SIM card slot
  • FM Radio – First OnePlus device to have an FM radio
  • Best hardware spec in its league
  • Good battery life
  • Does not heat up (No heating issues)

I don’t like

  • Slippery glass back and a finger print magnet makes you take extra precautions while using the mobile
  • While the spec sheet is similar to OnePlus one, the performance is not like the OnePlus One.
  • Hybrid SIM slot, defeats the purpose of having a dual SIM slot and the internal memory is just 16 GB.
  • Images from the camera is just average
  • At Rs 16,999 it is slightly overpriced.

If you have the invite, you can buy it from Amazon here. But OnePlus is slowly shedding the Invite system for its other mobiles and hopefully OnePlus X will shed the Invite system too. You can read my full review at GadgetDetail.

Video Review

Camera Image Samples

OnePlus X camera samples

Unboxing Video

Photo Gallery


“OnePlus X is a beautifully crafted device. As much as you would love to use this phone without case, you will end up using one. It’s slippery and a finger print magnet. Wish there was a white variant. The software on the OPX definitely needs improvement. It’s buggy sometimes and even the image processing software on it makes the pictures too soft. I’m sure, the company can fix it with the OTA updates to follow” – Vijay Raj (MsiGeek)

OnePlus X, just like any other OnePlus device does not feel complete. It gives you that feeling that it has been released in a hurry. I feel that OnePlus must have taken their time with the OnePlus X. The Oxygen OS has bugs to be fixed, enriched with features, and the camera app needs improvement. Ofcourse, as Vijay says these issues can be fixed with an OTA update. But that can’t be the solution always. If an issue had been overlooked, then you can resort to fixing it OTA, but when you know you have an issue, you just can’t release the product and later resort to fixing it.

Having said that, I also say that OnePlus is one the best mobile manufacturers out there. I am complaining a lot, because I love OnePlus and always expect the best out of OnePlus. I believe that perfection is a myth and there is always room for improvement. I would recommend this mobile if you are style conscious and need a beautifully designed piece of hardware that can perform as well. If you can extend a bit, the OnePlus One is still a good option.

My thoughts on the Coolpad Note 3

The sub 10k segment is a very interesting market segment for mobiles. This is a magic number and I find many people who ask me for recommendations on buying a mobile for around Rs 10k. Also this year 2015 saw a whole bunch of mobiles launched in this segment. So the industry is meeting the market’s requirement. Unfortunately most mobiles in this segment have failed. When you launch a mobile for Rs 10k, you are compromising on certain aspect. Very rarely you find a mobile that strikes the right balance between stability, performance, quality and design. One such rare breed is the Coolpad Note 3. Practically an underdog, nobody expected Coolpad Note 3 to be a good buy or even a great recommendation.

I like

  • Super fast and accurate Fingerprint scanner
  • Priced at Rs 8999 (Under Rs 10k)
  • Decent performance
  • Feature rich UI
  • Decent camera
  • Individual Dual SIM and MicroSD card slots
  • Brilliant display
  • Available in Black and White color variants on Open sale in Amazon India

I don’t Like

  • Average design
  • Gesture controls are slow to respond
  • Searching an app in the app draw is a pain
  • Below average battery performance
  • Takes a long time to charge
  • UI freezes occasionally and does not feel stable

Video Review

You can read my full review here


My thoughts on the Vibe S1

“The mobile is made of plastic and it feels cheap”, “The material used is of premium quality, but the build quality doesn’t feel premium”, “The mobile is expensive, but we don’t see any metal on the body”… these are the kind of statements that I have been telling in some of my reviews and now it seems that Lenovo has heard it all and wants to give us a better built mobile with better quality material that looks stylish as well. Thus born the Lenovo Vibe S1. So here are my thoughts on the Vibe S1.


I like

  • The choice of material and the design has merged well to make the Vibe S1 a wonderful testament of design in engineering
  • The mobile packs a powerful hardware spec that results in good performance
  • The primary camera can shoot some impressive shots
  • The dual secondary camera is innovative
  • Vibe S1 has decent battery
  • At Rs 15999, it is a sweet deal for anyone looking to buy a powerful mobile which looks stylish

I don’t like

  • The glass back is very slippery, not just in hand, but from any fabric and even some textured surface
  • The dual front camera is innovative, but in the name of creativity, the self portraits are subject to some fake gimmicks

Video review

Read my detailed review at Gadgetdetail.com

Photo gallery

Buy it on Amazon India.

Camera Samples (Flickr Gallery)

Lenovo Vibe S1 Camera Samples

Incase you are interested, you can also check my unboxing video to get a peek on what’s inside the Lenovo Vibe S1 retail box in India.


Aukey Sports Bluetooth Headset – Review

I have been using the Skullcandy Chops for over 2 years while I go for a jog or at my gym. For the price I paid, the Skullcandy over-lived its life and finally the earpiece came off. I glued it back with Superglue and it still works, but then I thought I must retire the Skullcandy Chops and get a wireless headset. When it comes to wireless headsets, there are many options. I started with the JayBird X2, but then finally decided to get the Aukey Sports Bluetooth headset. I didn’t want to spend too much on the headset, because I know about my carefulness. While looking economic option, the Aukey Headset kept surfacing in the search results and it had some good reviews on Amazon. So I got it and here is what I think of it.


Aukey is a chinese company and they have a strong presence in the US. I recently got a Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger from Aukey and was really happy with it. So for the Bluetooth headset here is my problem statement.

Problem Statement

  • I need a lightweight solution to listen to music while jogging
  • It must be sweat resistant, as I sweat like a pig
  • It must have less wires, so I don’t waste time untangling them
  • It must not fall off while jogging
  • It must be small, but not so tiny. It must be tough to loose and easy to find.
  • It must not cut out the ambient sound, because my usual circuit is urban and I must be aware of my ambiance.

Having established that, lets see if the Aukey Bluetooth Headset would meet my needs. The Aukey Bluetooth headset comes in a small eco-friendly box. It has a velvet pouch to store the headsets. There are 3 sets of in-ear earbuds in different sizes. Also there are 2 type of earhooks, in 3 different sizes each. After trying out the earhooks, I found my best fit after 2-3 trials, which is the shark fin ear-hook of medium size. Its a bluetooth device and it has to be charged. There is a small charging cable provided along, but you can use any Android phone’s micro usb charger.



The headset is a bit bulky in terms of size. But it light weight and is made of plastic. The plastic does not feel premium, but you get what you pay for. Wearing the headsets, it does not snugly fit in with your face and it sort of hangs out of the ears but with the ear hooks secured to the ears, these headsets managed to stay on and never fall off. The right side has the power and volume buttons along with the mic. Yes, it has a mic to answer calls. The left has the micro USB socket to charge, but the charging indicator light is on the right. The wire between the two ear pieces are not too long and it flat for a tangle free experience. It comes in bright colors and choose the blue color. The wires and the accents are blue while the rest of the earpiece is shiny black. Pairing is also simple and fast. Once paired, everytime your power it up, it auto pairs with the mobile if the bluetooth is on. It can be paired with 2 devices at the same time.


In terms of audio quality, it is pretty decent. The voice clarity is noteworthy. The bass isn’t heavy and the treble is not rich. I tried with different equalizer setting and then finally settled for a setting that gave out the best sound from this pair of headsets. I need this headphone to listen to music for 30 min in a day and the quality of sound from the headset was more than what I ask for. But if you are too picky about the quality of sound, stay out. The voice clarity was very clear for mobile calls as well. For 25$, its a deal worth a try and I would definitely recommend it.