Eight Billion Applications downloaded in 2010 and ticking

According to ABI Research estimates, iPhone interface accounted for 5.6 billion downloads by the end of 2010, while the other platforms put together got 7.9 billion downloads from their app stores. With its 13000 apps, the Android market saw 1.9 billion downloads by end of 2010, while RIM had 1 billion in its kitty. On the whole, in the year 2010 alone 8 billion applications have been downloaded. A glance at the graph below shows the rate of exponential raise in the apps in the Android market place.

Source – androlib.com

Going forward, Android handsets are grabbing lion’s share of markets around the globe. There are reports pouring in everyday about the raise in Android’s market share in every geographical region. iTunes app store cater to iOS users and the remaining platforms are comparatively free to install applications from other sources. This has encouraged many to start app stores that cater to multiple platform, like GetJar or Opera Mobile store. Mobile service providers are also jumping into the bandwagon as they too want a piece of the pie. All said and done, the market for mobile applications is on its way to exponential growth aided by the success of its associated platforms.

Statistics from ABI Research Report

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