Google instant previews on your Android and iOS

Instant Search for mobile devices was well received by the mobile users community. It was a nifty little feature that saved everyone a click or two. Google doesn’t stop there. They want to enhance their Search application further and now they have the Instant Previews. It’s a feature that shows the thumbnail of all the web pages in your search result. This feature is available on all Android 2.2+ devices and on iOS as well. It’s helpful to visually compare the search results and choose the right one. To use it, enter the search term in the google search in your mobile. In the results page, you will see a small magnifying glass. Click the icon and you will be taken to the preview page which shows a snapshot of all the web pages in your search results. I tried it over an edge connection using my Froyo’d Milestone. The preview page showed up almost instantly, but the snapshots started showing up slowly one by one. Maybe it will get better and faster over prolonged usage. Give it a try.



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