Google’s Person finder to help find your loved ones hit by Nepal earthquake

Google has come up with a disaster recovery aid for the Nepal Earthquake disaster. This is one of the worst Natural disaster to hit Nepal in 80 years and the government has predicted that over 10000 live could have been lost. Google has launched a program called Person Finder, which supports English, Nepali and Hindi. More languages are coming up.
How it works?
If you have information on some one, you can enter the details and it will be stored in the database. When someone is looking for a person, it will refer to the database and retrieve the information.
Google has the widest reach and at the time of composing this post, the database had 6700 records. So you can also help by spread the word about this aid program. It could eventually touch a life of a person affected by this disaster. My prayers are with everyone affected by the earthquake and I really hope Nepal get back to normal soon.
This app can also be used with SMS facility. In India and the U.S., simply text “search ” to +91.977.330.0000 in India or +1.650.800.3978 in the U.S.



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