HTC One X and the choice

HTC one x is the long awaited upgrade for me. But before making the choice I had to do a lot of research and analysis. In fact, I made a huge comparison chart of all the smart mobiles in the market to analyze them on the spec sheet. Finally, I decided to get the one x. Let me tell you why.

In a nutshell, it’s the spec sheet that swept me of the feet.  Quad core processor is future proof, at least for the next 6 months. The large screen, but not huge and just enough to manage in  hands and pockets. Excellent daylight display visibility, Android 4 ICS, Thin and light weight and white color. This is my first ever white color mobile. I have never had any mobile other than in black color (except for Nokia 3100). But these are not the only deciding factors. The other contenders in the market did not satisfy me somehow.

I was not comfortable with Samsung products. Felt they were of cheap quality. Plus Samsung’s market strategy for India is not a very pleasing one. I had a lot of off-the-record discussions with Samsung mobile dealers, distributors and resellers. They too shared this concern. Samsung mobile products have a very short shelf life. Samsung was just flooding the Indian market with many products and hoping to sell off all their flop models around the world, in the Indian market. They even make sub-standard products specific to India. The Samsung Galaxy SII, one of the best-selling models around the globe is not the same what you get in India. In India you get only the i9100g which has a weaker processor and performance compared to the i9100. Samsung Galaxy R which is a very similar to i9100g but cheaper is discontinued here, because they want to sell more of the SII. This is a major reason for not bringing the Galaxy Nexus to the Indians as well. All this and much more (need a separate blog post) made me decide against the Samsung line up, even if it meant the SIII.

Apple never considered India as a “Market”. To them the Indian market is a spill-over place to push off their stock. The iPhone 4s is overpriced. Though it offers a wide range of apps and the best user experience, it wasn’t the best value for money. Inability to customize and the close minded OS is a major deal breaker.

Motorola’s presence in India is On and Off. They never had a strong user base or customer service base in India. They make some great models, but the availability of support and accessories is a serious let down. This I learnt it the hard way after my 2 years stint with the Motorola Milestone. Yet I seriously considered the Droid Razr. The Motorola droid razr has battery issues, while the maxx version is overpriced and not available yet.

Sony and Motorola have a bad reputation for delaying firmware upgrades.

After losing its market share to the combined power of cheap Chinese mobiles and expensive smart mobiles, Nokia is desperately trying to make a comeback. Lumia 800 stayed to be a top choice for me, but the battery issue (now fixed) was a letdown for me. I didn’t have the patience to wait for Lumia 900.

LG promises a lot, but fails to deliver most of them. I have reviewed a lot of LG android devices. They are a step ahead in providing features and specifications. But somehow each of their device has at least one major deal breaker. Ultimately they end up reducing the price and then later removing the product from the shelves. In total, LG is not a reliable brand to bank on.

Spraying all that bad blood on major manufacturers, I still don’t have anything good to say about HTC as well. There isn’t even a dedicated HTC showroom in major Indian cities. Service support has been out-sourced to franchises and the mobiles are over-priced in India. But what’s good about HTC and Android is the developer community. Mods, custom ROM, unofficial fixes or call anything the community is there for your rescue.

Here is my comparison chart. It may not be very accurate but helped me decide.

Coming back to my deciding factor for an upgrade, my rock solid Motorola Milestone was giving up on me. The battery backup has started to drop. The battery itself has bulged due to heat and the back cover has become too tight to close. The memory write speed was getting too slow. Even basic applications like the map and camera were unable to be handled in it. The mobile was also getting frustratingly slow to use. Increased number of Force close screen and restarts were irritating me for a while. The Milestone had to be let off.

It was not even 2 years since I got the Motorola Milestone and now I have to upgrade. Upgrading a mobile is a very expensive decision. I didn’t want to keep on doing that often. I wanted one mobile that will last forever. But that’s far far away and living an imaginary fantasy land for everyone. The more practical wish is to have a future proof mobile at least for a few years. The quad core processor of the HTC One X is a future proof step. The Tegra 3 chip set with 4 + 1 cores of raw processing power is never going to be fully utilized by Android ICS or any of its applications for now. But in the near future we may see some features and applications that demand such a high spec as an eligibility criterion.

I was looking for a device with good, fast camera capability. I also wanted a decent video recording ability on the move. HTC One X’s f2 and 28 mm camera lens capable of 8mp shots and full hd videos was a major deciding factor. I was specific about the device being super thin and white in color. I was sort of bored with all the black devices and wanted a change, hence white.  Given all that, I was also looking forward for a great battery backup. But with huge processing speeds and high density screen displays, getting a great battery backup is a utopian wish.  I can hear you screaming IPhone, reading the requirements above. But No to IOS, however good it maybe in terms of UX. I wanted total flexibility and freedom to personalize the mobile, which none other than Android can give me. Android ICS is a cut above the rest in that aspect. So there you go, HTC One X, though I had to bite hard on the expensive part.

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