iPad price cut in India

Apple reduced the price of iPad first generation, in US and UK. They also offered a payback of the differential cost, to recent purchasers of iPad. I was hoping that the price drop would never happen in India. But Varun of FoneArena broke the good news that the price has been dropped in India as well.

Now the WiFi version starts from Rs 24500 and goes upto Rs 34500, while the 3G+WiFi version starts at Rs 31900 and goes upto Rs 41900. Check out the detailed price information below, as reported by FoneArena

16gig wifi-27900 to 24500                    16gig 3g-34900 to 31900

32gig wifi-32900 to 29500                    32gig 3g-39900 to 36900

64gig wifi-37900 to 34500                    64gig 3g-44900 to 41900

Source: Fonearena

iPad 2 will be a much more success in India if it’s launched immediately. If it’s also delayed like the iPad’s launch, then they will lose on the table market share in India.

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