Liv – The wearable that can get rid of undesirable habits

It is time the fitness bands move on to track something more than steps and sleeping pattern. “Liv” is a wearble band that can alert you the next time you pick your nose or pluck your hair. Liv is from a startup called HabitAware. It is conceptualized and developed by a husband-wife team, Sameer and Aneela. Aneela’s habit of plucking her facial hair involuntarily has made her realize the need for such a device.

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The Liv can work with an app running on iOS or Android. You will have to train the device and let it know the gesture that you want to get rid of. The next time you raise the hand, wearing the Liv band, the band will vibrate and alert you. The vibration may not stop you from doing that action, but it is an alert to keep you informed of the involuntary action by drawing your attention. For many the action is a result of idleness or anxiety. The app could suggest your some activity to divert your attention and change the action.

The device can be programmed to react and alert 8 such actions. It has to be charged everyday and it can be used by a wide range of age group. It is currently available to be pre-ordered and will be delivered to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia only. The retail price of a band is $149 and you can pre-order it for $119. It will be shipped by the end of this year.

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