Mi Fit band – the 12$ marvel

Xiaomi is known for their quality products and value for money proposition. In those lines, Xiaomi have introduced the Mi Fit Band, a fitness band to track your fitness and sleep activity. The product is available only in China and there is no update on its availability elsewhere.  The official price of this device is about 12$. At this insanely low price, this fitness band offers features similar to a 100$ Fitbit Flex.

Mi Fit Band

Mi Fit Band


The Mi Fit is a very light fitness band. The band is made of flexible rubber and is available in multiple colors. The tracker fits in neatly within the band and it is easily removable also. The tracker has a metal finish face on the top with 3 LED lights and a MI logo at the bottom. The band is secured with a similarly designed metal cuff. The tracker is waterproof. The Fitbit flex also has a similar design, but the band is made of 2 separate pieces joined in the center with a plastic piece. Because of this joint, the band tends to break over usage. My Fitbit band broke within 3 months of regular usage. (Fitbit send me a replacement with no questions asked, which is a different story) The Mi Fit band is much more robust and the design is slim and neat.

FItbit Flex

FItbit Flex

The MI Fit syncs with Android App on your mobile. It works well with any Android phone and not necessarily a xiaomi android mobile. But certain features like Unlocking the phone, works only on a xiaomi phone. Watch the video below to see how it works. The step count is not very accurate. But then I had the same error percentage with Fitbit flex. It serves as an approximate measure of your walking and jogging activity, which is good enough and can be forgiven because of its price.

The Mi Fit app is a very basic fitness tracking app. Once paired, it syncs with your Mi Fit when the app is opened. There is no real time background sync, which is good in a way, because it saves a lot of battery. There is no web app to see the track record. However your record is sync with your Mi Account and when you change your mobile and pair the band, you get back all your old data.

One major drawback is the inability to collaborate with other users. Fitbit was great in that department. Fitbit app can sync my data with multiple applications and I can track my friends’ progress as well. That was a huge motivational quotient. With the Mi Band all you can do is to share your day’s progess as a screenshot in selected social network.


The face of the tracker has 3 LED lights and it shows your progress. However the gesture to show the progress is quite a task to master. Unlike Fitbit, it is not activated by tap. You have to swing your hand and bring it in front of you to light up the progress LED. Check the video below to see how it is done.

The band when paired to your mobile will vibrate if you receive a call. Apart from step counting, the band can count your fitness workouts like jumping ropes and sit ups. You can also set an alarm on the app and at the appointed time, the band will vibrate. These are few little features which I found very helpful. Also I was surprised that a 12$ band could do all these tricks.


The battery is another marvel. Xiaomi claims that the device can run upto 30 days on a single charge. But it has been 38 days since I charged my band and still have 43% of power left.

I bought my Mi Fit band from Tinydeal and here is a link below. It is also available in eBay india with some sellers.

Xiaomi Mi Band Smart Wristband + MiBand Charger Cable
Xiaomi Mi Band Smart Wristband + MiBand Charger Cable

 Video Review

Gesture to show the progress LED (Video)

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