Microsoft Band 2 is now official

Is it a fitness/activity tracker or a smartwatch? I am not sure. But the new Microsoft Band looks promising. The Microsoft Band 2 comes in 3 different sizes. It has a curved glass display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. The band is flexible and the design does not have any hard edges. It is designed to curve nicely around the wrist. It has inbuilt GPS tracker. It monitors the UV levels. It has guided workouts, sleep tracking, calorie tracking, etc. It 11 sensors which includes Barometer to sense elevation changes. It is deeply integrated with Cortana. Cortana in the Band can tell you if have missed a workout. It even has a mechanisim to measure the max oxygen your body can process in a min. That is called the VO2 max. It is used in advanced training for sports persons and now it is available for any Microsoft Band 2 user. 2015-10-06 19-55-18

Lindsay Matese announcing the Microsoft Band 2

If you decided that it is a fitness tracker, the Band 2 can give you notifications from your mobile. It can sync up with any smartphone running on Android, iOS and ofcourse Windows. So is it a Smartwatch? I think its a Hybrid watch. Availability and pricing in India is not yet known. But in the US, it retails for $249 and is available from october 30 this year.

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