MuConnect – Magnetic Charging for your Mobile

As phones are becoming smarter, it demands more power consumption. As much as a rechargeable batteries have solved this problem, they have also created more problems. We are constantly in search of power outlets or carry bulky power banks. We tend to plan our days based on the time taken for our mobiles to get charged up. Every single plug point is filled with hanging wires. Mobile take really long time to get charged up when connected to a computer. MuConnect is a product which strives to solve a few of such issues, if not all.

What is it?

The MuConnect is a crowd funded project and at the time of writing this article, it has crossed 50% of its goal in Indiegogo. If you are a Macbook user, you would know and appreciate the comfort of using a magsafe connector to charge the macbook. The creators of MuConnect says, “why not a magsafe like charging port for all mobile phones?”. The MuConnect is an ad-on gadget and it is like a bridge between your mobile and charger. It fits into the mobile and charger and you get a magnetic charger for your mobile. The charging cable sticks on to the mobile, magnetically, and it starts charging. When connected to a computer, it can data sync and charge as well. At a toggle of a switch, the charging speed doubles.


What it has?

MuConnect has a pin and a connector. The pin is inserted into the mobile’s charging port. Currently MuConnect is designed for microUSB and Lightening connector ports. The connector is a tiny plug like device, that is connected to the charging cable. The connector has an LED indicator to indicate the functioning of the device and also it helps locate the connector in dark.


How it works?

Insert the pin into the mobile and it sits flush on the mobile. The pin is very tiny. The connector is connected to the male microUSB plug in the charging cable. As you bring the connector near the pin, it sticks on to it magnetically, just like magsafe connector.


How it can help?

The connection between the cable and the mobile is not very rigid. A slight accidental push will detach the cable from the mobile. If you accidentally trip on the charging cable, the cable just comes off the mobile and the mobile is saved. It becomes very simple and easy to connect a charger to a mobile. Such a mundane task, no more needs your brains, nails or eyes to strain. Also it promises to increase the charging speed by double.




How to get one?

The project is now proposed as a crowd funded project at indiegogo. The project has already been funded by 50% at the time of writing this article. The team proposes to raise $60000. You can go ahead and pledge your money and support for this project. Based on your choice of pledge, you will get MuConnect for your mobile, once the project funding becomes a success. It ships to most parts of the world. The MuConnect would cost $12 for a set during this stage. So go ahead and if you find this project interesting, like me, you can pledge your allegiance.


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