[MWC16] Oppo announces a bunch of innovations

Oppo is more of an innovation factory than a regular mobile OEM. Oppo launched the first full HD smartphone. They introduced rotating camera on a mobile. They have a endless list of innovations in their kitty. The proprietary technology for fast charging is called VOOC. The VOOC charging technology can charge a mobile from 0 to 75% in 30 minutes. It is currently available in about 5 models from Oppo.

Oppo Logo

Super VOOC Flash Charging

At the MWC, Oppo has not introduced any new mobiles this year. Instead they have announced a couple of innovations that will be featured in their future models. The next version of VOOC is called the Super VOOC. The Super VOOC can charge a 2500 mAh battery from 0 to 100% in 15 minutes. It can charge it to 45% in 5 minutes. Super VOOC requires a new flash charger and a special cable along with military grade connector. But the connector can be of USB-C or microUSB type. The charging adapter holds the key to this technology. It has a special intelligent chip to enable super fast charging. The adapter circuit ensures safety with its five level protection system. Also Oppo promises that the temperature of the smartphone, during charging will be significantly lower. Though the technology is in experimental phase, Oppo promises to bring it to its future lineup.

SmartSensor Image Stabilization technology

Oppo also unveiled its latest innovation in photography. Oppo introduced the SmartSensor Image Stabilization technology. Mimicking the stabilization techniques used in mirror-less camera, the SmartSensor Image Stabilization technology moves the sensor to compensate for vibrations. In a typical camera, lens or a mobile, only the lens sits on the image stabilization system. Oppo claims that moving the sensor as opposed to the lens enabled a faster stabilization system. Sony R7 MII camera offers 5 axis compensation and with this technology, Oppo mobiles can offer 4 axis stabilization.

Color picker

On another note, Oppo has filed a patent for mobile to change themes based on your outfit colors. This is very similar to Chameleon color picker app found on Gionee mobiles.

With such innovations around the horizon, Oppo is definitely a key player in the future of mobiles.



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