My thoughts on the Vibe S1

“The mobile is made of plastic and it feels cheap”, “The material used is of premium quality, but the build quality doesn’t feel premium”, “The mobile is expensive, but we don’t see any metal on the body”… these are the kind of statements that I have been telling in some of my reviews and now it seems that Lenovo has heard it all and wants to give us a better built mobile with better quality material that looks stylish as well. Thus born the Lenovo Vibe S1. So here are my thoughts on the Vibe S1.


I like

  • The choice of material and the design has merged well to make the Vibe S1 a wonderful testament of design in engineering
  • The mobile packs a powerful hardware spec that results in good performance
  • The primary camera can shoot some impressive shots
  • The dual secondary camera is innovative
  • Vibe S1 has decent battery
  • At Rs 15999, it is a sweet deal for anyone looking to buy a powerful mobile which looks stylish

I don’t like

  • The glass back is very slippery, not just in hand, but from any fabric and even some textured surface
  • The dual front camera is innovative, but in the name of creativity, the self portraits are subject to some fake gimmicks

Video review

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Photo gallery

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Camera Samples (Flickr Gallery)

Lenovo Vibe S1 Camera Samples

Incase you are interested, you can also check my unboxing video to get a peek on what’s inside the Lenovo Vibe S1 retail box in India.


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