Nokia Normandy – a low cost Android device? [Rumors]

nokia normandy

The Nokia Normandy rumored device borrows its hardware design from Lumia series, except for a back button and runs on customized android

Most of us dream, debate and complain about Nokia not going the Android way. There were rumors that Nokia was experimenting with Android in their devices. Now another rumor has cropped up about a device code named “Nokia Normandy”. This device is said to be running on a customized version of Android very similar to Kindle Fire tablets. A custom version is and could be totally different from the skinned versions of Android. Right from the kernal, all the way to the interactions and visual appearance, everything in an android could be customized except for the platform capabilities. The device can run several popular android apps and is purported to be a low cost device in the lines of Nokia Asha. According to the images shared by @evleaks, the Normandy looks likes it has borrowed its design language from the Lumia series. The rumor tentacles spread further and tip that this device could go on sale sometime next year.

According to The Verge:

Normandy is designed as an Asha equivalent to push low-cost devices with access to more traditional smartphone apps — something the company has struggled to achieve for its Series 40-powered Asha line

Given the Microsoft acquisition, will this device ever become a reality? If it has to, then Nokia would have to release the device much sooner before the complete take over happens next year.

To me its a dream come true. I have always wanted Android powered Nokia device like many of you. My mouth waters at the very thought of a device like Lumia 1020 running on kitkat. But ideally it must have been a high end device, rather than a low cost mobile. Though the rumors have come in from reliable sources, this is far from reality. Lets wait for more news and updates.

Source: @evleaks and The Verge

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