OnePlus 2 accessories now available on Amazon India

The OnePlus 1 was available in India after 8 months of Global launch and its accessories were launched in India months and months after its Indian launch. However the story with OnePlus 2 is not the same. Withing a few days of the OnePlus 2 launch, its accessories are now available in India. OnePlus have always been saying that they are a startup and learning from the market everyday. Well, it seems that they are learning fast and implementing it faster. Here are the accessories that are available in Amazon.


The StyleSwap cover is available for Rs 1699. Bamboo, Kevlar, Black Apricot and Rosewood are the styles that are available for those who have managed to buy an OnePlus 2 with an Invite. Those who are really confident about buying the OnePlus 2 can also go ahead the buy these styleswap covers before hand, because we are not sure if the stocks will last forever. Also available are the OnePlus 2 Flip Cover (Black – Rs 699), OnePlus 2 Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Rs 599) and the OnePlus 2 Premium Screen Protector (Rs 499).

If you want to experience the OnePlus 2 before buying it, go ahead and book an OnePlus 2 experience through Olacabs application.

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