OnePlus increases its customer commitment by 3 months

If you look at a macro level, you would realize that mobiles these days are not drastically different from each other. The only key differentiation would be the confidence levels among the customer for the brands regarding their service and support. OnePlus is trying to tap on that part of soft skills. OnePlus is very active in the social media and its offers instant support to any OnePlus customer with an issue. Also the OnePlus forum is an active engagement portal for OnePlus fans from all over the world to come together and help each other. Though OnePlus service centers are not spread all over the nation yet, OnePlus is constantly striving to improve this. One such sign is their recent announcement which states that customer who are facing delay in gettting their mobile serviced by more than 15 days, will get an additional 3 months warranty for their device. In other words, if you have give your OnePlus device to the service center for some sort of assistance and they are not able to fix the issue within 15 days, you get your warranty extended by 3 months. Here is what OnePlus announced in their blog.


In a series of initiatives that started rolling out last week, our new customer support armed with additional personnel have a new toll-free number – 000 8008 522 008. If you missed this announcement earlier, we request all of you to make a note of the same and look forward to your feedback on the service.

Also, in a first across the consumer device landscape, all service related issues till date that have faced delays or have been pending for longer than 15 working days in our support centres will automatically get a 3 month extension on their warranty for their OnePlus One in India. And just to make things sweeter, all future smartphones from our stable will follow this service guarantee. Do note that in case of a disagreement on those applicable to receiving this service, a final call will be taken by OnePlus. As an added incentive for our earliest patrons, all customers from India who purchased the OnePlus One from our global portal prior to the India launch will also be eligible for this service.

Well, the last part sounded sweeter to me. Customers who got the OnePlus One from elsewhere before it was launched in India would also be eligible for this service. Thank you OnePlus for always including the early adopters in all your policies. Well, I wish none of you had any issues with your mobile and have to take it to a service center, but God forbidden if something happens to your favorite OPO or even the future OPT, you can be assured of OnePlus’ commitment to its customers.


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