OnePlus – Nuts and Cases

Yes, I agree OnePlus makes awesome mobiles. They also make awesome accessories. With their OnePlus One they not only showed the world that flagship device need not burn your pockets, they are showcased how OEM accessories can be functional and can be professionally designed. StyleSwap covers, flip cases, power banks, earphones and even drones were sold in the accessories section by OnePlus One. No other OEM has given so much attention to accessories like OnePlus has. No matter what is said and done, people look at OnePlus as an economical option. OnePlus is not perceived as a premium brand. That was their intention as well. When OnePlus came to existence, their flagship’s preaching was that when one can spend just $300 and get a device as good as a $800 mobile, why should you look further? This is one reason that till date the OnePlus One remains to be a better buy compared to their subsequent devices.

In a blog post Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, whose twitter handle is @getpeid, explains how OnePlus plans to make money. One of the strategy was to earn profit on accessories and not from mobile. Well, today that is exactly what the OnePlus is trying to do. They recently introduced a premium leather case for OnePlus 2 for Rs 7499. It is a case that cost one third the price of the mobile. OnePlus 2 retails for Rs 24999 in Amazon and why would anyone in the right mind buy a case for Rs 7499 to cover it up? Buying a premium accessory and hiding a economical device under it does not make sense. OnePlus 2 has got a good design and there are many good cases, skins and covers available for the OnePlus 2 to enhance protection and retain its aesthetics. So I am not sure if anyone will buy it.

Whatever said and done, any Android phone is no equal to an iPhone. History scrolls can reveal that many brands have banged their heads against Apple and returned dazed. An Android phone can be an elegant piece of technology on its own. I see no reason to compete against Apple. OnePlus has taken its own dig at Apple in the past and now they are doing it again. A few days back, OnePlus teased about a new product.


While there were many speculations about the new product, it finally turned out to be an iPhone Case. Seriously? I am not sure what OnePlus is thinking. Why would anyone cover up a premium product with a case that is branded OnePlus, a brand that is known for economical flagships?

image (1)

OnePlus has to concentrate on their current product line. OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X are being sold on invite system. The Invite system was good marketing strategy when OnePlus was not known to many. That strategy has paid off and now OnePlus has managed to be a popular mobile manufacturer. Now its high time they shed their invite system. Invites are available easily and now what is the point of Invites? I am not sure about the sales figures for OnePlus 2 or OnePlus X, but I can tell with confidence that buyers are frustrated and they have moved on. There are plenty of options available these days and OnePlus cannot afford to frustrate potential buyers. OnePlus can still continue to make money with their basic line of quality accessories as mentioned by Carl Pei a long time ago in that blog post. But OnePlus must stop introducing accessories that makes no sense and continue to concentrate on their core competency.