Anniversary with N95 8Gig

Its been exactly one year since I laid hands on the N95 8gig. It was freshly launched then, and I was the among the few first buyers in the city. So what now? Is it time for a change? Let me think out loud.

The mobile has been an exceptional performer. Great camera, wonderful usability, mediocre battery and ruggedness are a few good points to mention. I found 8gb very hard to fill. I have not crossed 5 gb of storage. Thanks to Smartmovie for movie and Nokia Multimedia. Smartmovie converts a full length DivX movie (700mb) to less than 120mb with optimized quality for the N95 screen. Nokia Multimedia organizer coverts a 11-12mb mp3 to 2-3 mb m4a format with lossless conversion techniques. I still don’t think I have listened to all 1200+ tracks stored in it. The Wi-Fi has been very useful and this is one feature I will not compromise in my next mobile. I haven’t used GPS much, mainly due to poor infrastructure over here. GPRS? yes, i use it very often and its satisfactory. I couldn’t comment on the mobile’s 3G features because 3G is not yet launched in India.

Symbian OS has rendered my phone to be very slow. It has been slow with 0GB stored and also 5-6GB stored data. Data doesn’t matter, the phone is inherently slow. The mobile is a bit bulky on dimension and weight. That seriously upsets the aesthetics aspects of this performer. The build quality is very poor. The rubber coating at the back panel starts to wear off within 3-4 months of usage. The slide mechanism scratches the paint of the keypad. It’s very difficult to find face panel for N95 8Gig. But the phone is totally rugged. I have dropped it infinite times but the phone is still in good conditions. Lack of camera lens cover is one serious flaw. I could never find a replacement lens as well. The Nokia care center in Chennai is a total crap. They wanted the phone for 15-20 days plus almost 20% of the MRP just to change the face panel and camera lens. I swear, I will never enter that place again.

This phone is an engineering splendor but an architectural blunder.

So what next? Do I go in and get a new mobile? Or still stay with my favorite N95?

If I choose to stay, then it would be for its sheer power and performance plus the moolah i shed out of my wallet.

If its going, then what next? Definitely not an iPhone or N96. iPhone is not a very flexible phone for power users like me. N96 is both an engineering and architectural blunder. With its weak battery, poor construction, heavy pricing for the same features as N95 8gig, I would not even think of N96. N85 and N79 are my attention grabbers. Both have similar features. They have memory card slots expandable upto 8gb, touch sensitive navigation wheel, FM transmitter and almost all other features of N95 8gb but with a camera lens cover. N85 has OLED screen, which means a richer display but still N79 is a clear choice because it a hassle-free monolithic constructed mobile and gets rid of the slider snags. It weighs lesser(97g) than any Nokian in its class. Its panels are easily replaceable. But the final choice depends on the price factor and user reviews.

Nokia’s touch UI mobile 5800 expressMusic also thrills. It is subsidized in Europe and costs just 270 Euros at launch. But the Indian pricing could be different. Also detailed user review is awaited. If the rumors are right, Nokia is also about to launch Touch UI in their N series as well, and that could mean a long wait.

So I could either have my N95 8gig and wait for N Series with Touch UI, or I could go in and get a N79 and use it for about an year or so and then get a second generation Nokia.

P.S: I am a hardcore Nokian, so I will not choose the highly unstable Sony Ericsson product line or the ever failing Samsung mobiles, atleast until they prove themselves at the user market. But Android??? mmhm..

Presto – the charm-caster

I happened to watch Pixar studio’s Presto accidentally as I was browsing my DVD collection. Presto is a short animation movie from the makers of classic animation movies like Wall E, Cars and Ratatoullie. Its about a magician and his pet rabbit which he pulls out of his hat to entertain the audience. One not-so-fine day, Presto forgets to feed the rabbit Alec and Alec ensures that he suffers for his mistake.

The movie lasts for no more that 3-4 minutes. But very racy paced and intellectually intriguing stuff gave me a satisfaction equal to watching a full length movie. What struck me most was the simplicity of the story, animation and characters and out-of-the-box thinking by the director.

The Singh Rules

Singh is Kinng… No mistake…it spells with two n’s. Numerology? I guess there is no need for numerology or luckology when you make a good entertainer. There was too much hype around the movie and lot of promos and events to market the movie. Usually such marketed movies fail at the market. So I didn’t want to watch it and waited for the “movie testers” gang’s review. So when these guys told me the movie was good, I wasted no time.

The story is not a great one. Its about a good hearted village sardarji Akshay (Happy Singh) who travels abroad to bring home a long lost son (Sonu Sood as Lucky Singh) of a fellow villager. That son happens to be a most wanted gangster (by Gyara Mulkon ka police walon…). Along with Rangeela Singh (Om Puri) he starts off to Australia but lands in Egypt to find the Mummy of his future kids Sonia (Katrina). One side love blooms at first sight but duty refrains him from making The Moves and he is headed to Australia.

At Australia, Lucky Singh, Mika Singh (Javeed Jaferi), Julia (Neha Dupia) and the rest of his Singh gangsters throw Happy Singh out of the house. Kiron Kher helps Happy and Rangeela with food and shelter. A series of events takes Lucky Singh into some sort of trauma and the gangsters make Happy Singh as their King. Sonia happens to be Kiron’s daughter and to impress her daughter (yes u heard me right!) Kiron approaches Happy the King.

The rest of the story is a Hera Pheri of how Akshay converts the bad guys to good and implants good sense in them, impresses Katrina, wins over Lucky Singh’s heart and takes him back to the village.

Akshay is totally awesome. He has once again proved that he can be a good actor who can mix comedy and emotions along with ease of dialogue delivery. Katrina is as usual the “Eye Candy factor” with no talent but pure luck. Hottie Neha Dupia is wasted in the Secretary role. She deserves a more vital role. Javeed Jaffery and Om Puri have been utilized well and they prove to be pivots in the story line whenever it starts to slag.

Music is good for the ears and choreography is good too. Don’t miss the final Title song featuring Snoop Dog. The costume designer deserves a round of applause. From turbans to the Sherwanis, every costume of Akshay’s and the gangsters fit the mood (Unlike the Ajit Starer Billa). A clean entertainer and a very light movie to watch. In total, this movie is full paisa vasool both for the producers and the viewers. Singh is Indeed the Kinng.

gRate – 3.5/5

The Dark Knight is The Joker’s Day

The comic strip says it all. The Dark Knight is one exceptional Movie. No wonder the movie’s ratings overtook Godfather’s IMDB ratings. The IMAX camera used to film the movie has proved its worth and this movie is worth watching only in Big Screens….no matter how hi-tech is your home theater. Heath Ledger will sure be missed. Hope he gets his posthumous Oscar. Go watch it for a paisa vasool entertainment.

Thinks I liked in the Dark Knight

  • Screenplay and Choice of dialogue
  • Stunt sequences
  • Joker’s villainy
  • Joker character played by Heath Ledger
  • Extra-ordinary locations
  • Perfect Casting
  • Maturity of Christian Bale as he gets into the Bat Costume
  • Batmobile ejecting into BatPod which is inspired Dodge Tomahawk
  • Nokia Tube Mobile used in Sonar Scanning
  • Commissioner Gordan’s character

gRate 4.5/5


Dasavatharam (2008 – Tamil)
Cast:  10xKamalhasan, 2xAsin, Malika Sheravat, Jeyapradha, et all

If there is one actor in the world to do such a film, it would be none other than Padhmashree Kamalhasan. And if there is one director in the world who can mess up with this kind of story, it would be none other than KS Ravikumar. Ill tell you why.

The Plot
The movie (as you all would have seen by now…) starts with a narration by Scientist Govindaraj. He starts the story with a 12th century shaivaites-vaishnavites clash incident. A devoted priest played by Kamal is sunk into the ocean along with the statue (moolavar) of Perumal. His wife played by Asin bangs her head against a stone statue and dies along with him. Then the story jumps to USA where our Narrator is a scientist at a Bio-Nuclear RND lab. Following a freak accident, the chief scientist plans to sell a biochemical germ vial developed by Govind and his team. Govind grabs the vial and then the roller coaster ride starts. The villains hire Christian Fletcher an Ex CIA agent, also played by Kamal, to seek and destroy Govind. Abetted by Malika Sherawat, a pro in flesh trade and assassination, Fletcher follows Kamal to India. He kills a chinese friend of Govind, who happens to be a sister of a great martial arts master, also played by Kamal. The master thinks Govind has killed his sister and he too follows him to India.

The vial was accidentally couriered to Andal Asin’s grandmother (Yes, also played by Kamal). Govind and Andal dodge Fletcher and the entire movie is one big freaking Chase. Other avatarams are Avatar singh, a Daler mahendi played by Kamal, Balram Naidu – the good Indian cop, Kalifulla Khan – 8 foot tall kamal, Poovairajan – A social activist and George Bush – George Bush who announces himself as George Bush.

The Good

  • Padmashree Kamalhasan
  • The makeup, effort and the makeovers to create the 10 avatars is exceptional.
  • Christian fletcher…totally awesome character.
  • Jeyapradha…played her role just right and she deserves a round of claps.
  • 12th century incident was awesome depiction and a treat to watch.
  • The climax fight sequence which involves 3 Kamals is a classic.
  • Chase sequences are highly realistic and gripping.
  • Martial arts stunt and ad hoc stunts are totally awesome.
  • The effort in making such a movie.
  • The casting director deserves a pat in the back. The supporting characters were chosen to fit the bil and the role perfectly.

The Bad

  • Poor substandard graphics in Tsunami and Aftermath of Tsunami. Even a kid can tell its not realistic.
  • Asin’s shrill high pitched monotonous dialogue delivery. Especially when she screams “Perumaale..” almost throughout her screen-time.
  • Malika Sherawat wasted. She doesn’t contribute even a bit to the storyline, except for glamour quotients during the movie promotions.
  • NaCl. Bush doesn’t know NaCl stands for Sodium Chloride, that’s fine, but, how many people knows its the common salt and its the main ingredient of sea water. When the whole movie is pivoted on NaCl in Sea water, there must have been atleast one guy telling that its the NaCl in the Sea water that is going to nullify the BioChemical contents of the vial.
  • How the hell, would Dr Govind know about the 12th century incident and map it with his life incident. He also argues with Asin about the existence of God and his architecture. How could he have known about the sinking of perumal, death of the priest and his wife and finally link them with himself and Andal Asin. Oh ya, I almost forgot…it happens only in KS Ravikumar movies.
  • KS Ravikumar and Himesh Reshmiya are bad choices for this movie. Kamal has to think beyond KS Ravikumar and who got that Reshmiya guy into Kamal’s brain. Wish someone shoots his nose just like Avatar singh.
  • And ya, illogical sequences like Avatar’s Singh’s cancer getting removed by the bullet that goes through his throat. Oh ya,  again I forgot…it happens only in KS Ravikumar movies.

The Verdict
Go watch the movie in big screen if you haven’t. Just enjoy the grandeur and pompous production. If you haven’t understood the storyline, get yourself a Original DVD and watch it over and over until you get the butterfly effect, chaos theory and the correlation between Vishnu’s and Kamal’s Dasavatharams.

gRate 3/5