Exciting New Picasa 3 Beta

Google released an update for the image management software Picasa sometime ago. I didn’t know about the update until I opened the software after a long gap. It was a pleasant surprise. This upgraded version is Picasa 3 beta. You can download Picasa 3 beta for free from www.picasa.google.com. Let me give an overview of its new and improved feature list.

The Picasa Image Viewer is one of the first improvements that will strike you on the first run. It integrates into the windows shell and opens up the images for preview. The menu graphics is awesome and gives the Mac cover flow feel.

Its syncs with the picasa web album seamlessly. You will be able to automatically sync all basic fixes and edits, new or deleted photos, and changes in captions, tags or geotags. Geotags is another cool feature. If you have Google earth installed in your PC, you can geotag the photos.

The remix features have been enhanced. You now have a wide range of option to make image collages. Movies can also be made out of the images with text and audio playback. The movie created by Picasa can be directly uploaded to your YouTube account as well.

The new tool for retouching your images is really cool. You can get rid of your pimples, blemishes and dark spots in the photos using this relatively simple tool. The image fix panel has undergone a few changes and has included some new preset option. Text tool is noteworthy. You can add watermarks or captions to your photos using this text tool. The screenshot tool excites as well. You can integrate Picasa with your Printsceen key and capture screenshot. You can also capture images and videos from your webcam.

Importing images from memory cards and camera is a lot faster. Search feature has got a major uplift. This includes a filter option as well. You can actually select images which has faces with a click of a button. Picasa 3 beta is under a major metamorphosis to transfer from being a image manager to an integrated image editor.

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The questionable Nokia N97

Nokia launched its so-called flagship mobile computing device today: The Nokia N97. The very first sight of promotion picture did excite me, but as I went down the specs, the excitement faded away. The device is said to have 32GB of onboard memory and expandable upto 48GB by adding memory card. You can have 70 movies each 700mb in size in 48 GB. Though it has 3.5Inch screen, watching movie is not an exciting option in a mobile. The 5 megapixel camera is again not an innovation. With a 5MP camera, we can produce approximately 25,000 photos in the 48 GB. 8MP camera being current trend in mobile industry, why still stay with 5MP. So, I guess, unless you have 10,000 songs to listen to, 48 GB is not needed by any average mobile user (Trend projected: Atleast next 2 years).

When the whole world of mobile users agree on a single fact that the xenon flash with Nokia N82 was a great feature, why doesn’t Nokia listen to it? Dual LED flash is the most they could put onboard the N97. This is a great let down. The phone is bulky, maybe because of the punch-in QWERTY keyboard. I expected something thinner and smaller. They claim the battery can run for 1.5 days playing music all the while. But what if I use camera, movies, music, GPRS and telephony? How long will it last? Again one day?

Apart from these, they have retained most of the N Series’ features. The 150g phone has no great innovation or improvement. Even the accelerometer based menu navigation is missing. A flag-ship phone is something which has to be an innovation and not necessarily a market safe accessory.

What I expected from N97: Thinner than the iPhone’s Slim form factor + 5800’s tactile touchscreen + Sony Ericsson C905’s 8MP camera + N82’s xenon flash

What the real N97 is: 30% thicker iPhone + 5800’s tactile touchscreen + N95’s camera + N85’s dual LED

Though the looks are awesome, this one fails to excite me considering the gravity of hype that was created around its launch.

Pictures courtesy: Engadget

Full specifications on N97 at GSMarena.

1000 elephants for titlesake

Vaaranam Aayiram is a movie with can relate with every audience. At least that was what promised by the marketing team. But I refuse to agree with that tagline. It’s not a very practical movie but it deals with some practical decisions one takes at any given stage of life. I have not seen any (Indian) father to let go his son’s hand to do some crazy stuff. Neither have I seen a family in which everyone takes anything, from demise to remorse, lightly. It could be an ideal one, but it would take generations to nurture such nucleus family which is comprised of only 4 people and never care about the society.

Warning: Story Spoiler ahead 

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How the web 2.0 catapulted Obama into the Whitehouse

Information is no more a personal property. Anyone can obtain any information and contribute to the information database. Barack Obama’s online campaign was leveraged at large by the information decentralization. The 2nd version of the web is not only about information but its also about contribution of information. Senator Obama’s Web Gurus knew that he has to shed his image as someone of high rank in unreachable position. The wanted to get rid of one-way-traffic stereo typed election campaigns. Their aim was to make Obama’s image an User-Friendly Next-Gen President of the USA.

Starting from providing information about himself and his campaign at Barackobama.com, Obama’s campaign utilized every possible corners of the webspace. Barack Hussain Obama, converted himself into a brand. A brand that every American would love to endorse. He made a logo for himself. Its not a political symbol or some sort of election seal. Its the brand logo of Obama himself. This was his online identity which turned out to be a huge success and entered every home via the Internet. His followers could either use it as it is or customize it and use it as Avatars, Feed logos, favicons, Online Community Identity or even email signatures.

Facebook on its own is a great media to propagate Obama and his campaign ideologies. Mock elections, opinion polls, Campaign discussions and much were were added as facebook applications. All of them were a huge success. 24 years old Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes pitched in his expertise to build Obama’s own facebook, called myBarackObama.com. Volunteers used this site organize over 150,000 campaign-related events over the entire course of the campaign. Obama’s FightTheSmears.com was a major combat weapon to fight any rumours on Obama or his party. The website’s tag-line is “Powered by Truth”. Arun Chaudary, Obama’s youtube henchman were key to his online success as well. All his campaigns, initiatives and services were customized, edited and posted on Obama’s youtube channel almost instantly. Chaudary quotes that this sort of technology was available many years ago, but it was utilized only now. He also add to the statistics that online viewers are not just kids and teenagers, but it has a mammoth amount of people aged between 40-45 as well.

Obama campaigners reached each other via the iPhones as well. iPhone App Store stocked the free application called Obama ’08. Instant access to campaign information, photos, videos, poll results and much more was shared via this application. Other mobile users across the globe were also not left behind. Obama reached out to the twittizens as well. @BarackObama is the one to be followed on twitter to recieve twiupdates. Obama could barely ask for more of his online presence. He was omni-web-present: mySpace, Faceboook, youtube, flickr, Eventful, Flickr, LinkedIn, Eons, Faithbase, Glee and on much more web 2.0 engines.

Obama’s online initiatives have helped touched the hearts and minds of the nation on a very large and cost-effective scale. This victory would be scrutinized, studied, preserved and passed on as a success story of the Internet as the penultimate marketing tool. A classic example of empowering people and technology and a path that shows the route to success for business and marketers to come.

whats the buzz about KRK?

Let me tell you a new cocktail recipie. Take ample amount of Kamal Hassan, chop off the Hassan. Mix with with Khan from the Salman. Crush Sharuk and add the juice on top of the Mix. Jab in the Rashid between the joints and you get the all new, K R K.
The Future King Khan?
The Future King Khan?

Its not SRK…its KRK… Kamal Rashid Khan. The producer, actor, script writer, Lyricist and the Dialogue writer of the much hyped movie “Desh Drohi”. Yes, that movie has got an IMDB link as well. On clicking the link, dont be surprised about the star dusted studded casting. Gracy Singh, Kim Sharma, Item Girl Rozza, Chunkey Pandey, Shakti Kapoor, Mukesh Tiwari and many more. The star of all stars, supreme star Kamal Khan, the latest addition to the Bollywood Khans, is promising and poised to steal the show and disgrace Bollywood.

The Past:

JK Riteesh
JK Riteesh

If Abhimanyu was to Dronacharya, then KRK must be to TR. The ultimate bear star of South India Vijaya T Rajendar. His nemesis was Veera Thalapathy – JKR (JK Riteesh), who recently entertained the hell out of us in the recent blot-buster Nayagan. Gabtun VJ kanth has been a childhood friend of KRK and the Telegu Movie makers are killing themselves for having refused KRK to play along side with Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna one year ago. Mithundada, have you got anything to add to this? guess not…

The Present:

It is touted that Daniel Craig personally contacted KRK and pleaded him to change release dates of Desh Drohi from Nov 7th to Nov 14. 007 knew that it would drastically weaken the collections at the box office and guess what… KRK agreed. The world premier of Desh Drohi is scheduled on Nov 14 which happens to be children’s day. Inspite of Gautam Menon and Surya’s repeated phonecalls, KRK refused to change dates once again. So, this movie is on head to head race with Vaaranam Aayiram. God Save Gautam and Surya.

The Future:

The movie will be a sooper dooper hit across the Globe. A new disease called Laugh-to-Death’o-Mania is bound to spread among young movie watchers. OH Media, the media parter will increase their market share in Media and merge with Koovam Media and rename themselves as AIYO Media. Gracy Singh has promised to change her name to DisGracy Singh, if this movie become a flop – such confidence. Rozza Catalano has vowed to take back Saif from Bebo as her popularity is expected to grow manifolds after the release of Desh Drohi. Kim Sharma is poised to forget her chances with the big banners and even her nano-costume can’t rescue her career anymore. Did i say Big Banners? sorry, the Big Banners will cease to exist and will be replaced by the supereme Banner KRK. Whatta Man! Balaji Tele Films and Sony BMG are expected to make a movie out of the character ShaktiMaan donned by KRK. Name suggestions are welcome. My contirbution – JattiMaan: lage iski jatti mein daag.


DeshDrohi- A must watch flick. Filled with intense dialogues, unexpected twists and turns (Notice KRK’s hands turn 30 sec after his body turns over, in the trailer), Innovation in the weapons department (Nilkamal-asthra), trend-setting fashion (KRK’s mis-fitting jacket), Titanic style duet with Gracy and KRK as De-Gubrio, steamy dialogues to kill the villains with the saliva spray and much much more. Don’t miss it.

KRK is all set to bag his role in the Bojpuri Remake of Ghajini
KRK is all set to bag his role in the Bojpuri Remake of Ghajini