Periscope by Twitter, is now on Android as beta

Periscope is an app developed by Twitter that lets you live stream from anywhere with just your mobile phone. It has been available on iOS for a while now and now it is slowly making its way to the Android realm. It is not yet available in the play store but you can get it for your device once you signup for beta program.

Periscope Periscope

It is on private beta for a while and now twitter is opening up the gate to more beta users. It is not yet in public beta yet, so please don’t tweet the link or post it on any social media. Do feel free to share it with enthusiastic android users in your close circle. I have been using the beta version on my Oneplus one mobile for a while now and I was a bit bored as most people in my circle aren’t using it. It more fun when you have more people in periscope.

The Meerkat app is another alternative for live telecast and it recently got out of beta in the Google play store. If you are interested in trying out the periscope, get on to it and follow me @cgiridhar and let us try it out together.

Happy Live casting 🙂

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