Read It Later – now on your Android

‘Read it Later’, the popular iOS news reading application has been ported to Android, only to be much faster and with more features. Instant Sync is a feature that’s exclusive for Android. When you mark an article to ‘Read it Later’, it instantly sync the article to your Android. You can read it later, even if there is not internet connection. The UI has been cleaned and minimalized, to give a beautiful view to the articles. It has the ability to search, sort and tag the articles. But this is not a free application. It costs about Rs 45 for the pro version.

I have tried the chrome extension, but didn’t find Read it Later an application to be in my essentials list. I always have my Google reader and I either star and item or mark it unread to read it later. If I want to bookmark it, then I use an awesome application called ‘Springpad‘.

But if you are an ardent  ‘Read it Later’  user, then you can check it out.

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