RSS Day – May 1

Really Simple Syndication is what I am going to talk about and not any political party. So why do I want to talk about RSS? Is it because of the Awareness campaign or the prize money involved? Neither of it. It because I feel not many people are aware of this. Even a few bloggers I have known are not aware of RSS and its power. I am really surprised to see that this ignorance is also prevailant with a few website developers. Quite a few of them know about RSS but have not utilized it.

Before defining the powers of RSS, let me just tell you how I use RSS. I make use of RSS to read my blog comments on my Mobile RSS reader, when I am not able to access the internet for long hours. I use google reader extensively to read all blogs I follow in a single window. New updates from various News sites gets filled by itself in my Flock browser’s inbuilt RSS aggregator. These are the main applications which I utilize from the house of RSS. I use facebook’s mini feeds to keep track of my friends and the latest addition is feedburner. But the possibilities are endless.

RSS is a text streaming channel which streams the text from a site to any aggregator. Its basically like a electricity power line. Electricity is generated at one place and streamed to you house and you use it in many appliances. Similarly news feeds from one site is streamed to you, wherever you are and you can deploy it in may applications.

For those who already use RSS feeds, keep the good work and spread the word. For others who are ignorant, explore the features and limitless possibilities of RSS.

As a starting point, visit google reader and try subscribing to my posts.

RSS Awareness Day