Samsung Galaxy Tab featured in Tata Pixel promo

Tata Pixel is a concept car introduced by the Tata Motors in the Geneva Show 2011. While the car itself is spoken for its unique design and zero-turn drive technology, what caught our eye is the “My Tata connect” android application featured on Samsung Galaxy tab. Apparently the car has a dock to hold the Tablet and the application acts as an interface between the car and the human. The application has multiple functions, the primary being controlling the key functions of the car. In the video below, you can see the user controlling the car locks and temperature controls. The application also has social media and networking features.  It’s not clear if the dock supports any type of smartphone or tablet, but from the demo video and the pictures in the official site, its clear that it supports the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  Check out the screenshots and the video. Tablets are getting into the mainstream of our lifestyle, faster than predicted.



Official Website

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