Secret to shutdown soon

Secret – something you tell everybody to tell nobody

Secret was a popular app among many, but eventually it couldn’t sustain. Secret’s co-founder David Byttow announced it in a blog post yesterday and mentioned that the app does not reflect his vision anymore. As fast as the app rose to popularity, it lost its fame too. Secret served as a venting medium for most and one could just say anything and get away with it as all the posts are anonymous. Many companies and startups used this as a medium to spread rumors and people used it as an app to indulge in gossips. In other social media you may have to lead a hypocritical life posing as someone who you are not. But in Secret, as the audience will not know the source, you can be just about anything you want to be. Eventually the fad faded away and users lost interest in it. Secret had plans of introducing secret messaging service, but then it was all not happening at Secret.


So Secret had to go. I think its a good decision. Instead of spending time on an app that wouldn’t be of any utitlty value to the users, its better the founders decided to move on.



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