swype(beta) for Android updated

I got used to swype so much in my Milestone, that I can never imaging a touch screen device without it. It has become an integral part of my mobile computing experience. Swype is available as part of the stock ROM in many devices. But people who have installed swype independently have been a part of the beta testing program. Recently Swype has opened the registration for beta, once again, for a short period. Now the Swype beta for Android received a major update. With the verion, Swype beta addressed a lot of issues.

The five major changes are

  1. The installer gets a new license generation system to relicense swype beta anytime
  2. The annoying hidden word tip window has been removed
  3. Contact names that are automatically adding to the dictionary will now be removed
  4. Support of additional resolution (QVGA, WQVGA, WSVGA, qHD)
  5. Prediction accuracy will be maintained

If you are registered user, get the new version now. If now visit https://beta.swype.com/ and register yourself as a beta user.

Change log

INSTALLER v.1.1.20186 (12.01)

  • Gingerbread will no longer erroneously display a network failure error when it should be showing either a username/password or account activation error
  • New “Generate License” option in the installer to re-license Swype Beta at any time
  • Installer now recognizes WiMAX as a valid data connection

ALL BUILDS – SWYPE BETA v2.29.71.20203/20186

  • Announcing BETA support for the following resolutions: qHD, QVGA, WQVGA, WSVGA
  • Added Dutch, Russian and UK English support [NOTE: Not all devices support all languages. For a table of which screen-sizes support which languages, please click here.]
  • The Hidden Word Tip window will only appear once, the first time you encounter a hidden word after a new installation. It will never appear again after that.
  • Contacts, etc, that are automatically added to the user dictionary will now stay deleted when removed by the user
  • Fixed the gesture to hide the keyboard: Swype from the SWYPE key to the DELETE key
  • The capitalization gesture will no longer accidentally capitalize the second letter of a word when the trace path goes through that key before exiting the top of the keyboard
  • Add compression of large languages for Android builds to reduce filesize
  • Identified and resolved an issue that was causing cumulative loss in recognition accuracy over time
  • Faster trace path animations
  • Improved application performance in portrait view
  • Improved the efficiency of the contact list scanner
  • Swype key in Spanish now properly brings up Word Choice Window
  • Fixed a bug with word priorities so words in user dictionary do not always appear first in word choice window
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the auto-space suppression icon from appearing in some cases
  • Period and Comma now function properly when tapped in SYM layer
  • Improved recognition of words when using the capitalization gesture and the second letter is very close the exit-point of the capitalization gesture, e.g. “Well”
  • Fixed a rare crash when returning from the Language Selector in Settings
  • Launching voice recognition now draws a UI inside the Swype process instead of launching a new activity
  • When Android 2.3.3 is detected, double-tap-to-edit is disabled to prevent conflict with Google’s double-tap behavior
  • Decreased the likelihood that a new license will be required after a system update
  • Fixed a bug where a failure of the system to properly return build properties was crashing Swype
  • Extended the beta license from 100 days to 120 days after compile
  • Minor compatibility updates for Android 2.3
  • Fixed various crashes


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