The new Nikon Df : My thoughts

Get creative, be innovative, if you can’t, then go Retro: seems to be the mantra for new products these days. The New Nikon Df camera design is all about being Retro. Its a regular DLSR camera fit into a Retro looking Nikon camera body, probably the F series. The Nikon Df is aimed to please the photographic enthusiasts, purists and the artsy crowd. It may have the DNA of the Nikon D4, but its not a professional high end camera.


Under the hood, the DF has a 16.2 megapixel full frame FX CMOS sensor, powered by the Nikon Expeed 3 image processing engine. It can perform well on ISO upt0 12800. It is capable of shooting 5.5 fps. It has 39 point AF system with nine cros type sensors, similar to the Nikon D610. It is weather sealed like the Nikon D800. It weights 765 grams and rugged in build quality. It has high definition 3.3 inch LCD display at the back and the view finder is optical glass penta prism. Thats rights, this is not a mirrorless camera. Its a pure DSLR with no frills and just thrills.

I say its a pure DSLR because it doesn’t have the video recording capability at all. To account for its small its, it has to shed it video capability, inbuilt flash and a few frills like the WiFi capability. You can always add an external flash to the hot shoe and also the WiFi adapter to give it the WiFi ability. But then adding all these external attachments is going to spoil the retro look the Df was designed for. It supports almost all the Nikkor lenses, but then will it gel with the retro design?

I also said that it would appeal the artsy crowd, mainly because of all its dials. The mechanical dials all over the body can control shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation, and shooting mode.

The camera doesn’t come with the regular kit lens, but is available with an special edition 50mm F1.8 lens. It costs $2,800 body only, or $3,000 with the 50-mm F1.8 G kit lens.

I am cautiously keeping myself away from commenting about the performance of the camera, because I haven’t tried it myself. But I personally don’t feel excited about this camera. It doesn’t add value to any of my photographic needs, that the other cameras in this price point does. If you are looking to show-off as a fashion accessory, its a good design. But other wise, I don’t find a need to have this in my bag.

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