Tweety Bird’s eye view

Twitter is a revolution. Its a great tool. It has changed my lifestyle on the Internet. It the best thing that can turn the corporate world topsy turvy. Well, these are not my words, but words from Internet Gurus.

Do my ideas and views of twitter differ from theirs? That is all what is post is about. So how is twitter helping me? Well, its helping me to know what my friend are up-to and that has helped me learn a lot and break open new vistas. If my friend updates his status as, “Checking out MXNA”, then I might be interested in finding out what it is and then explore and learn. This has how Twitter worked for me. For some, it has helped in letting others know about updates in their promary website.

Its a micro-blogging environment. You can talk about something and make a statement to the world with 140 words. Short and Sweet blogs are read more that long post like what you are reading right now. Some say, its gonna influence the corporate blogging culture and bring out a change in marketing and advertisements. But I don’t agree. If a social networking site like twitter forays into marketing and advertising unnecessarily, then I will be first one to walk out. God! how i hate those marketers!!!

But the twitter popularity is not catching up like wild-fire. It isn’t something like orkut or facebook. Still I have to explain my friends what a Twitter is and coax them to sign up. Even if the sign up, they don’t get the concept easily and never use is frequently.  One even asked me, whats the fun in scrapping your own scrap book? Well, there is no definite answer for him. But once you get about using it, you will know why Twitter is cool.

I can update my status (verb: tweet) using Google talk, FireFox extensions like twitbin, Flock browser, my mobile phone, widsets in my mobile and ofcouse twitter website. And recently i found that adobe air powered twhirl is totally awesome to tweet and friend-feed. A blog friend of mine has mentioned twitter as a free sms service. Yes, if your friend is on twitter, just tweet him and he will get a message in his mobile. I have even integrated it with my facebook, so that my facebook status is my current tweet.

Ultimately, Twitter is not addictive, its not a revolutionary invention that going to change the world wide web. But, its a step towards something innovative and probably explosive. Until then, its just a show-off accessory.