Update on Oneplus Service Centers

With much fanfare and drum rolls, the Oneplus One was launched in India, earlier this week. The entire tech community were interested in 2 things: pricing and service. Rest of the details were pretty much known. With the pricing, Oneplus pleasantly surprised us with its disruptive pricing of Rs 21999 for the 64 GB model. Including the shipping charges, this falls well under 10$ cheaper than in USA. Oneplus announced that there would be 20 service centers across the nation. Unlike Xiaomi, none of the service centers are exclusive. They were the usual multi-brand service centers. If Oneplus One had done a market study or a field survey they would have realized the pathetic service provided by such service centers. It was also announced that Oneplus buyers who bought their devices from any of the other 16 launch countries will also be covered under warranty and service. Definitely for such a country 20 service centers will never suffice.

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Today I came across an incident encountered by a Oneplus owner through the forums. He had been eagerly awaiting the service centers announcement and the moment he came to know about the nearest service center, he drove 35 km only to realize that nobody in that service center had heard about such a company called Oneplus. After multiple escalations and hours of waiting, he still is unsure if he would ever have is Oneplus fixed. Read his version of the story here.

India is a great market for mobile industry but when it comes to service, it struggles to gain even a basic eligibility score. In my personal experience, only Nokia has been offering a decent service and am sure there are people who are not satisfied with that too. Oneplus being a new entrant, I would give it some time to “Settle”. Once the dust settles, maybe the service centers will gather momentum. A friend of mine had a similar experience with Xiaomi. He ran to the service center within few hours of its first opening, only to find a few trainees dusting the floor. But eventually his issue was sorted out and I hope Oneplus also trains and educates its service center employees soon enough to cater to the Indian market.

Here is a full list of Oneplus service centers in India  and I will be visiting atleast 2 of the 20 centers in the next few weeks personally to check the status. Stay tuned for further updates.

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