Time and again, when people ask me for suggestions to buy a mobile phone, I tell them, “Buy whatever you want, except Samsung…”. They think I have got some sort of personal grudge against Samsung. But let me explain the logic behind my thought. Samsung is the market leader for mobile phone in most of the countries across the globe. They control the production, manufacturing, exporting and marketing all by themselves. They have full control of all their products. They even supply processors to Apple, till date. They supply display for most other brands as well. They have supreme power and control of the world’s mobile phone market. But they are exploiting and misusing that power. Let me explain. Samsung configures the hardware specification and software specification based on country. If you buy a specific Samsung device from India, its not the same as the one available in the US or elsewhere, though its the same model. This is a serious issue and not as trivial it looks.

  1. We Indians pay the same price or more for the same device, but we end up with a compromised hardware and software.
  2. Let say you got a Samsung device from US, because from point no 1, you felt that in US you would get a better spec. Now you are in India and your device has some problem. Even if you are ready to pay, the service center cannot help you, as they have only spare parts and software backup for Indian version of the device. If you force it, your device is a brick.

either ways, you are Samsung’ed up…

In a recent visit to a Samsung service center in Bangalore, I witnessed an interesting exchange between a Samsung’ed customer and a Samsunging service center personnel. He had an issue with his Samsung S3.  Apparently he had got it from UK and now wants to solve an issue. The suggested solution form the service person was to update his software. He agreed. But after a few minutes, she came back and told him that this is a UK device and we dont support it. He argues its a Samsung device, how does it matter, when he is ready to pay for it and its the same Exynos processor version as the one available in India. She runs back into the room and come out again to say that the mother board will die if we upload Indian firmware in it. This guy was baffled and he walked out.

My friend had a Note and he wanted to get its battery checked. He was next in line. She asked him, “Was it purchased in India?”. We didn’t answer, just walked out. Later we got a battery from a Samsung store and that solved his problem.

For the rest of the crowd, pretty much her solution was common. It was either virus attack, format your memory card or its a software problem, update your software.

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